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WMTS 88.3 is a student run college radio at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN. 

We create a voice for students while promoting Alternative, Indie, Eclectic, New Wave, Pop and variety Music.

WMTS runs on donations and sponsorships from our supporters. If you would like to donate to WMTS, press the button above.

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BONNAROO | June 15-18, 2023

WMTS went to BONNAROO 2023! For the four days the music festival went on, WMTS was able to interview 12 ARTISTS! You can check out our Spotify to listen to the interviews and check out the coverage of the festival on our Instagram, where we also conducted Tiny Mic Interviews with festival-goers!


WMTS 2023 SPRING TELETHON | April 27, 2023

   Filming for this year's WMTS Spring Telethon has officially begun and will be released April 27th! Special thanks to our favorite venue Walnut House for allowing us to utilize their amazing space!
   All semester long, members of our station will be sitting down with local musical artists to talk about their background and music! Along with interviews, there will be 40+ minute performances from each musical guest.

   WMTS is also collaborating with the Advanced Multi-Camera Production Truck Class to record our Steady Rotation performance. Thank you to Bob Gordon and his class for helping WMTS with our project!
   You can stay updated with more behind the scenes content of the Spring Telethon on our Instagram
stories and highlights!

Layla Rose Interview BTS

Layla Rose sits down with General Manager Kate Craighead to talk about her performance and music.

Filming Layla Rose Interview

WMTS crew comes together to film the Layla Rose Interview.

Leah Belew Interview

Leah Belew sits down with Marketing Director Morgan Baker to discuss her music and background.

WMTS Crew At Walnut House

WMTS Board Directors, team members, and DJs come together to film Leah Belew's interview.

WMTS Tech Team At Walnut House

WMTS Tech Director Logan Johnson, with the help of tech team members Levi and Sterling, mixes Leah Belew's performance at Walnut House.

Leah Belew Performance

Leah Belew performs at Walnut House for the WMTS Spring 2023 Telethon

WMTS Crew Films Layla Rose Performance

Website Director Yanely Luna operates handheld camera for Layla Rose's performance at Walnut House.

Steady Rotation

Steady Rotation performing at Walnut House for the 2023 WMTS Spring Telethon.

WMTS Crew Collaborates With Media Arts Department

WMTS collaborated with the Advanced Multi-Camera Production class to record the Steady Rotation Performance at Walnut House.

Join WMTS!

Are you interested in college radio? Are you an MTSU student? Do you like music? WMTS is always looking for new DJs, and we have board positions available!

Our GENERAL INTEREST MEETING is available now for anyone to watch who may be interested. Take your first step towards being a DJ here: 

Download, STUDY, and take your policy manual test.

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