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Billie Marten at the Blue Room

Concert Review by: Thalia Richards

Indie singer/songwriter Billie Marten gave nothing short of excellence at her

November 14th show in the Nashville Blue Room. Despite being her first time playing in

the city, the show completely sold out. The venue filled from wall to wall with people

eager to listen to Marten’s raw lyrics.

Marten played the entire set with just her and a guitar. The energy in the room

was electric, and you could see that every listener was intent on hearing her every

word. She captivated the audience with her elegant melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

The UK singer/songwriter spent considerable time bonding with the crowd on a

level beyond her lyrics, sharing anecdotes of how she found herself in London. Marten

even invited a young fan on stage to play guitar for her as she sang the fan’s favorite,

“Heavy Weather."

Marten continued to play profound, personal, and meaningful songs throughout

the set, such as an unreleased song, “Feeling," which she wrote about her dad, hoping

it would bring him comfort in a time of illness.

After ending her listed set for the show, Marten then asked fans for song

suggestions, playing whichever songs fans would yell the loudest, including one of her

most popular songs, “La Lune.” She finished out the set with her song “Drop Cherries,”

the title track of her most recent album.

As the show ended and some fans began to exit the Blue Room, many began to

cheer for an encore. Embodying love and gratitude for her fans, Marten emerged from

backstage and sang a couple more songs for those who stayed to finish out the night.

Billie Marten is an indie artist you will want to direct your attention towards.

Between her deeply emotional lyrics, ethereal voice, and her love of the craft, this artist

is one to remember.

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