Julien Baker – Turn Out the Lights

Once again, as on Sprained Ankle, Turn Out the Lights is a triumphant battle of musical storytelling and a testament that Baker’s voice has the power to make a loud room quickly go quiet. Congrats on a fantastic album Julien!

Prince of Denmark – 8

“8”, by the mysterious and anonymous Prince of Denmark, was released as a massive box set of 8 vinyl records by the German techno label Giegling in late 2016. As with any album dropped with no notice, it appeared as an object of both shock and awe. As a year has gone by since it’s unveiling, Will breaks down some of the core ideas behind what makes this album so special.

Hangout Music Festival 2018

You’ve been to a lot of music festivals, but you’ve never been to a music festival like Hangout. The festival is as much a laid back vacation as it is …

Steely Dan – Aja

Forty years after its release, Steely Dan’s Aja remains the defining work of 1970s America. Donald Fagen and Walter Becker’s sixth album under the Steely Dan moniker is a self-indulgent and delightfully overproduced …