Music Mondays: February 19, 2018

Music Director Caleb King

“Duke Indeed” and “Wooden Village” by Blended Babies from Supervillain (2018)

Blended Babies is a multi-instrumentalist duo based out of Chicago that collaborate to make smooth hip-hop instrumentals. I’ve been feeling the songs “Duke Indeed” and “Wooden Village” off of their new album, Supervillain! These songs are ultimate vibes.

Music Director Brad Parsley

“After the Storm” by Kali Uchis (2018)

Starting with an introduction from Bootsy Collins, this song is full of soul. Kali Uchis delivers these beautiful lyrics over a funky/jazzy synth led beat that could have come straight off of Flower Boy. Tyler the Creator brings his all with a clever verse that completes the song.

Music Publicist Will Long

“Closer” by Gigi Masin from KITE (2018)

“Closer” is a gorgeous, soft, and unobtrusive gem of a song. Sounds just like laying in the grass on a warm spring afternoon. Quiet storm might describe a subgenre of R&B, not ambient, but it describes this song the best out of all possible tags.

Listen here:

Web Manager Ethan A. Copeland

“Lemon Glow” by Beach House (2018)

Beach House announced their as-of-yet untitled follow-up to their 2015 release Thank Your Lucky Stars with the sweet, little tune “Lemon Glow.” Dropped fittingly on Valentine’s Day last week, “Lemon Glow” is a song of intimacy and emotional connection, soundtracked by a moody, throbbing synth and drum machine combo that carries the song forward without ever pushing it too far out of reach.

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