Music Mondays: February 12, 2018

Music Publicist Will Long

“Dansul Libelulei” by Petre Inspirescu from fabric 68 (2013)

This track is absolutely stunning from start to finish, each mallet strike a heart-tugging note of pure bliss. Perfect to soundtrack a smooth day on the lake or a sunny afternoon in a hammock.

“Exhibit” by SIT from Invisibility (2018)

A deep and silky jam from some hidden warehouse in Europe. It stands out from the pack of other musicians working in the same vein because there’s a defined groove and a solid drive to the track. Sushitech has released some amazing records in the last year, and this just adds more amazing sounds to an already-great catalog. Invisibilty Chapter I and Invibility Chapter II are out now on 12″ vinyl.

Music Director Caleb King

“Freedom R.I.P.” by Wayne Snow from Freedom TV (2017)

Wayne Snow is a Nigerian born, Berlin-based vocalist who knows how to make soulful grooves. I’ve been feeling the songs “Rosie” and “Freedom R.I.P.” off his newest album, Freedom TV. These low-tempo songs capture the essence of soul and deep house music. With these track’s syncopated drumming, simple bass lines, and lo-fi vocals, it’s hard not to bob your head from side to side.

“Soul No. 5” by Caroline Rose from Loner (2018)

Caroline Rose’s new song “Soul No. 5” is a pre-released track from her up and coming album, Loner. Caroline gives off an angsty vibe on this punk-driven track, and her memorable lyrics and consistent instrumentation makes this song really fun to listen to.

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