Music Mondays: April 2, 2018

Music Publicist / Criticism Director Will Long

“Oh, What a World” by Kacey Musgraves from Golden Hour (2018)

Kacey’s back with a stunner of an album, and this song stood out for me immediately as a strong contender for best bittersweet pop song of the year so far. It has a Coldplay flavor about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in substance–quite the contrary. I imagine this cut off the album will maintain its deep cut status, but it’s absolutely worth hearing just as much as the rest of Golden Hour is.

“Have fun” by Smerz from the Have fun EP (2018)

“Have fun” is an absolutely disorienting, warped bit of R&B/Pop that takes the wonky elements and melts them together into something radioactive. Somehow it all works, falling into the musical uncanny valley of voyeurism and teenage angst; I can even hear a little bit of Arca’s stylistic flourishes sprinkled here and there on the vocals. Wanna get creeped? Here’s your chance.

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