Music Mondays: February 5, 2018

Music Director Brad Parsley

Friday Morning” by Khruangbin from Con Tudo El Mundo (2018)

Khruangbin’s new album Con Tudo El Mundo came out last week, and I’ve been obsessed with it.  It’s packed front to back with a psychedelic vibe taking inspiration from their influences around the world. My favorite track is the closer “Friday Morning”, but if you need 40 minutes of instrumental jam look no further.

“I Wanna Be Everybody” by Hockey Dad from Blend In (2018)

“I Wanna Be Everybody” is the newest single released from Hockey Dad’s upcoming sophomore album, Blend Inn, due out Feb. 9th.  It’s a combination of jangly guitar and infectious pop vocals that really contrasts with these sort of gloomy lyrics creating that beach type of sound. I can’t wait to see what this surf rock duo has in store for us.

Music Director Caleb King

6am” by Moonchild from Voyager (2017)

Moonchild is a multi-instrumentalist band that fuzes R&B and soul with a bit of new jazz. Their dreamy chord progressions and mellow vocals are the perfect combination for complete relaxation. I’ve really been feeling the song “6am” off of their newest album, Voyager. “6am” is a beautifully deep track that gives me a sense of pure happiness, and I can’t help the fact that I get goosebumps every time I listen to it. If you need a break and some time to think, Moonchild is the way to go.

Web Manager Ethan A. Copeland

“How Simple” by Hop Along from Bark Your Head Off, Dog (2018)

“How Simple” is the infectiously catchy lead single from Hop Along’s upcoming album, Bark Your Head Off, Dog. The Philadelphia indie-rock outfit’s fourth studio album is a follow-up to their 2015 release Painted Shut. “How Simple” is a convergence of pop and indie-rock with an undeniable gang vocal you will definitely want to sing along to. Bark You Head Off, Dog is out on April 6 via Saddle Creek Records.

Pirouette b/w O.K., Meet Me Underwater 7″ single by Jay Som (2018)

Jay Som’s principal songwriter and producer Melina Duterte released two leftover tracks from the recording sessions of her 2017 release Everybody Works. Duterte admitted the new tunes “Pirouette” and its b-side “O.K., Meet Me Underwater” didn’t quite fit with the rest of the album, but still felt too close to her heart not to release. Both songs were released as a 7-inch single on January 26 via Polyvinyl Records.

Music Publicist Will Long

“Nothing’s Changed” by Will Long from Long Trax 2 (2018)

Fresh off a great year putting out ambient as Celer and glowing from a positively brilliant 2016 album, Long Trax, the Tokyo-based electronic music producer is readying a sequel. The song “Nothing Changes”, our first taste of what will for sure be another deep house classic, features vocal samples from a young President Barack Obama. Long Trax 2 drops March 16th on Smalltown Supersound.

“New” by Organ Tapes from Into One Name (2017)

This magical little pop song was released right at the tail end of December and might slip under everyone’s radar by the end of this year. I love the pop feel to this one, and it’s an excellently accessible piece of experimentalism.

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