Live Review: Two Feet featuring Absofacto


Two Feet delivered an epic performance at Nashville’s Exit/In this Thursday. Less than two years ago, Bill Dess was sleeping on his friend’s couch in a modest New York City apartment when he began releasing music under the name Two Feet. In an intimate moment during his set, Bill expressed his gratitude to play a sold out show in a city he had never been to in such a short time. If fans had been able to see him through the fog as he shared his story, they might have seen him tear up.

Thursday also happened to be the debut Nashville appearance for opening act Absofacto and his band as well. Absofacto, the stage name of songwriter/producer Jonathan Visger, treated fans to favorites “Dissolve” and “Endless Summer,” as well as a soulful cover of the Arctic Monkeys’ “Do I Wanna Know?” He shared his energy with the crowd through his passionate vocals and interpretive dance. Groovy basslines catchy hooks had prepared fans for the electrifying Two Feet’s electrifying headlining performance.

Smoke machines were on full output and an eerie blue light swallowed the stage as Two Feet first emerged from backstage. For the next hour, fans swam through the warm sound of Bill Dess shredding his guitar and crooning over well-manicured trap beats and synths. His face contorted as he busted out blues riffs that pulled at the heart strings. Fans swooned as he serenaded them with songs like his own “I Feel Like I’m Drowning,” and covers including “idfc” by Blackbear, and “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers. After a spectacular debut Nashville performance by both Absofacto and Two Feet, the headliner played the crowd out with his smash hit “Go Fuck Yourself.” Both acts delivered far past expectations and will be welcomed again in Music City with open arms!

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