Live Review: LUTHI at Rhythm N’ Blooms

In my short time visiting Rhythm N’ Blooms Fest 2018 I was able to sit down and chat with Taylor Ivey, Christian Luthi, and Amber Woodhouse from LUTHI. We discussed their upcoming album Stranger and it’s release show on May 11th at Exit/In, and their ideal festival lineup.

After the interview I couldn’t wait to check out their 10pm set at Jackson Terminal. On my way to the venue I stopped at a street corner to wait for traffic and was approached by another festival attendee asking for directions. He then asked me where I was headed and when I told him his face lit up. He said he was sure I’d love the set and that he’d see me at their 12:45am set at Barley’s. I continued on my way in excited anticipation.

Once I got in the door and through the already packed in crowd I was not disappointed. It was my first time seeing LUTHI and I was blown away. The Boogie Circus is no lie and they had the crowd engaged from the moment they walked on stage. They put their heart and soul into their performance and everyone in the crowd could tell. Front man Christian Luthi jumped and danced his way around the stage with an energy often unparalleled. He also proved himself to be proficient in whistling.

The nine-piece band included vocals, keys, guitars, drums, bass, trumpet, trombone, and saxophone as well as hints of tambourine and cowbell; a mix of instruments that really brings the boogie circus together. At one point the woman next to me passed me a note on her phone saying their trumpet player, Robert Gay, looked like “the happiest guy ever” on stage. She later said she wanted to play the cowbell; a goal she accomplished after the set thanks to Robert.

The show was a blast and I highly suggest anyone in the area try to make it out to their album release show May 11th at Exit/In. Check out my full interview with the band below.


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