WMTS Goes Dark: Music for a Blackened Sky

I’m sure a lot of you out there are asking yourself the same question we are right now: “What am I gonna listen to when the Eclipse happens?” Good question! We here at WMTS are suggesting a couple of different options. Check ’em out here below:


For a spine-tingling KVLT experience

Sunn O)))’s “Sin Nanna” – The coolest part about this song is that it’s almost the exact length of totality at the center of it’s path…get ready for a truly dark experience with this one.

For the epic, chilling moment you’ve waited your whole life to see

Sigur Rós’s “Popplagið” – Make sure to start this one about 10 minutes before the exact moment of totality for the maximum experience. This one will absolutely bring transcendence to anyone looking for the special moment the sun is completely blacked out.

For the classically romantic

Susanne Sundfør’s “Meditation In An Emergency” – Want something a lot less emotionally taxing? Here ya go, some great, yet still somewhat ominous string music!

For that weird friend you have

Sun Ra’s “Rocket Number Nine” – If this song isn’t that one wacky jazz song that blasts you and your friends into space, I dunno what is.

For the person who has to have everything just right

Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse” – Well, DUH.

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