Prince of Denmark – 8

“8”, by the mysterious and anonymous Prince of Denmark, was released as a massive box set of 8 vinyl records by the German techno label Giegling in late 2016. As with any album dropped with no notice, it appeared as an object of both shock and awe. As a year has gone by since it’s unveiling, Will breaks down some of the core ideas behind what makes this album so special.

Steely Dan – Aja

Forty years after its release, Steely Dan’s Aja remains the defining work of 1970s America. Donald Fagen and Walter Becker’s sixth album under the Steely Dan moniker is a self-indulgent and delightfully overproduced magnum opus.

LVL UP – Return to Love

LVL Up’s Return to Love is an album with 90s sensibilities, angst, huggable distortion, singing that slips in and out of the mix, more mood than deep lyrical content, and a blend of comfort vs. unease. To put it simply: if you didn’t like that last sentence, you probably will not like this album.

Parachute – Wide Awake

‘Wide Awake’ may be the best album so far by pop/rock band Parachute. The cohesiveness of their latest album, paired with the fact that it rounds off the themes of their previous albums, makes ‘Wide Awake’ nothing short of genius.