Mac DeMarco – This Old Dog

I’m a firm believer that indie slacker Mac DeMarco has never released a bad song. It’s remarkable just how much his music has connected to me over the years. Accordingly, one …

Colton Dixon – Identity

Murfreesboro native Colton Dixon has swept the Christian Music world by storm, producing great faith-based music that has touched many. His third studio album, ‘Identity’, does not disappoint as it continues what Dixon has begun.

The Flaming Lips – Oczy Mlody

Oczy Mlody was a trip from start to finish. That trip, though, was not exactly a good one. This album really is for those looking for weird music. If that’s what you’re into, though, then give this album a try for sure.

Heat – Overnight

The most comparable thing to this album that comes to mind is driving with the top down in 1980’s Miami. Although a lovely thought, it doesn’t feel genuine or organic. Instead, it comes across as a glossy copy.