The Ambientist – 1-10

The Ambientist’s “1-10” – Cassette Version

Quietly slipping an album out late last year, The Ambientist, an unknown producer of unknown origin (maybe Canada!), is blowing the minds of those who go weak at the mention of 90s dance music revivalism. I first heard about this little cassette/vinyl-only gem from a couple acquaintances in a Facebook group dedicated to the label Giegling. While not associated at all with the Giegling collective, this album sounds immensely similar to the production aesthetic of DJ Metatron. We have the emotional, breakbeat-driven “4” (my personal favorite), ambient deep house of “10”, drum and bass of “6”, all things that would make something of this sort a hit in 2017. The thing that set it apart from the pack of great releases from last year, though, is the personal touch that makes itself present during the course of every listening session. It also tells a musical story of sorts: the early history of raves and dance music, dissecting the feeling of nostalgia for a much freer time. For those who were around during the era of dancing in a field on X in 1992, I can imagine that this album is immensely special. For those who weren’t alive or old enough to experience the events of the time, this album serves as a worthy glimpse back into an era most of us know as legend. Trust me–if you listen deeply, you will be rewarded. Get your filthy hands on a copy before it runs out as soon as you can!


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