Music Mondays 6: We’re Back For the Summer!

After taking a few weeks off after the semester, we’re back and ready to conquer your summer listening with the best tunes imaginable. This time we have our Music Director Joey and Music Publicist Will here to share some quality summer jams.

“Get Lost” by Washed Out (2017)

J: Washed Out has yet again surprised the chillwave community by releasing a new recreation of his iconic sound. Although Ernest Greene has been M.I.A. for a few years, it’s now become clear that Washed Out’s been soaking up the L.A. sun and lifestyle within the sound palette of “Get Out”. Hopefully this new single foreshadows an attempt at creating an updated, immersive sonic world that still borrows elements from his great last album, Paracosm.

“Donna” by Rubblebucket from If U C My Enemies – EP (2017)

J: Let Rubblebucket take you on a jazz adventure much like the one Washed Out and Mr. Jukes have been traveling on. With powerful sax blasts and divinely transient vocal parts, this will drag you out of whatever hole you’ve been in to rebuild your soul.

“Haus” by Vril from Anima Mundi (2017)

W: Need a gorgeous, emotional pop-techno song to carry your summertime barbecue? Does anyone around here who barbecues even listen to techno? Either way, this could be the backbone of an incredible pop song if it wanted to be.

“Plight” by Jorge Reyes from Mort Aux Vaches (1996)

W: If haunting is your word to describe vaguely formless, minor key, slightly ambient compositions, then let this song be your guide to the netherworld. This one is STRICTLY for the hot, muggy summer nights when the cicadas are at their loudest and the neighbor’s dog won’t shut up. This one is for when you look up and see no stars…only the flash of silent, heat lightning in the pitch-black distance.

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