Colton Dixon’s “Identity” (Mar. 2017)

Murfreesboro native and Christian artist Colton Dixon just released his third studio album called Identity. Since finishing in the top tier of American idol in 2012 Dixon has swept the Christian Music world by storm producing great faith based music that has touched many. Identity does not disappoint as it continues the greatness Dixon has established.

Identity features a new sound for Dixon, almost more of an electronic sound. This really gives newness to Dixon’s music that keeps things fresh. As the album progresses the listener can feel the music build as the theme of finding your identity in Christ is rooted in the lyrics in most of the songs.

The lyrics on this album in my view is what really sets it apart from other Christian albums. In other albums you listen to the lyrics are shallow and sometimes leaves you guessing as to what they really meant by them. There is no doubt what these lyrics mean though as they are very clear with a great message.

I also like the fact that the sound is different from other songs you hear on Christian radio. The chord progression among other musical aspects is what gives this album a different feel that is great! I also feel that with this new sound Dixon really grew as an artist and expanded on his already stellar sound.

The message the listener takes away from this album is the best part of it though. Colton really does a great job carrying the message of the importance of finding our identity in Christ. Not only does the album offer good music that listeners will enjoy for years to come but it offers them a great message as well. I would rightly recommend this album to anybody. All in all another great one by Colton.

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