Music Mondays 4

In this installment of Music Mondays, we introduce Joseph Wasileski, WMTS’s new Internal Music Director.

“To Be Continued” by Terje Rypdal, Miroslav Vitous, and Jack DeJohnette from To Be Continued (1981)

W: Now That’s What I Call Summertime Jazz Fusion ’81 just called and said they want their greatest hits back…just kidding! But seriously, this song sounds like someone tried to equal the sound of an A/C unit blowing steadily over a cool room on a hot summer day. Don’t believe me? You’re an idiot then–I swear that’s the sound! Eh, maybe I’m crazy but it sounds pretty great.

“Sweet” by Little Dragon from Season High (2017)

J: This has been my jam for many Mondays since its release. I wouldn’t call myself a “Little Dragon Fan,” but this single bangs. Nothing else the Dragon has released has felt as natural as this electro-dance track. Little Dragon absolutely thrives in this genre.

“Narkopop 8 (Snippet)” by GAS from Narkopop (2017)

W: In need of something much less bright? This is the song of a summertime forest on a hot, humid night when the cicadas just won’t shut up. SUPER dense and beautiful. Any techno heads out there? You’ll recognize the artist in an instant.

“Witness” by Benjamin Booker from Witness (2017)

J: It’s finally here: the new Benjamin Booker. Although receiving much success after his debut album, Booker decides to take a completely different route–soul music. Much like the Little Dragon single, this sound comes natural to Booker while still bringing heavy blues into the mix to make things a little more genuine, per se. Unlike anything from the previous album, the first thing on this song that captured my attention was the huge choral introduction. By flexing his musical muscles, Booker is bound to summit soul charts, bringing a fresh sound behind him.

“YAH.” by Kendrick Lamar from DAMN. (2017)

A: May be my favorite song of the album. The beat is incredible on this track! Imma huge fan of Kendrick using different inflections for different feelings and this one fits perfect for this song. Every moment of this song is catchy and every line is memorable. I really don’t even know how to describe how great this song is.

“FEAR.” by Kendrick Lamar from DAMN. (2017)

A: This is more of the Kendrick that I wanted on this album. This above all other songs on this album shows just how well Kendrick’s storytelling abilities are. He switches up his voice for each verse to represent a different fear that he faces in each stage of his life. The production is laid back and fits the subject matter so well. Every minute of this song is worth it.

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