The Flaming Lips’ ‘Oczy Mlody’ (Jan. 2017)

Oczy Mlody was a trip from start to finish. That trip, though, was not exactly a good one. The first two tracks left me very excited to hear the rest…and then it basically went downhill from there. This album has a lot of references to drugs (of course), mythical creatures, and fairytales. Although the songs do have some sort of story that runs throughout the album (most songs bleed into the next one), you could absolutely listen to this whole album without giving any thought to the lyrics and it wouldn’t be a big deal.

You sure as hell wouldn’t hear any one of the songs off this album on mainstream radio–not only because everything was too abstract, but also because there wasn’t one catchy tune that was actually memorable to me. Now, to some people, that isn’t a bad thing (and personally I don’t think it’s a deal breaker), but because nothing was memorable that also means that nothing gripped me to the point of me going to Spotify and thinking “Oh, I’ve got to hear that new Flaming Lips song again!”. To be fair though, a lot of these songs are either instrumental or are long, drawn out psychedelic beats with minimal lyrics so it can be difficult to grab onto songs of that nature sometimes. The overall album, however, left me almost…bored and definitely wanting more out of a band that I’ve been a fan of since my early teen years.

If you’re looking for something similar to Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, the closest song to that sound is “The Castle”. Every other song, however, doesn’t even come close to their old school sounds. It almost felt as though this album was the result of trying for new sounds (possibly due to Miley Cyrus’ influence) and fell short of being a completely new sound and also fell short of sounding similar enough to previous music in their discography to appease certain fans. With that being said, the song that actually did feature Miley Cyrus in it, “We a Famly”, was actually a decent song on the album (if you can look past the constant bass throbbing).

Overall, I was not very impressed with this album. The songs that I actually enjoyed and would re-listen to were few-and-far between. I seemed to enjoy the strictly instrumental songs more than the ones with lyrics, with the first track “Oczy Mlody” being the best song of the whole bunch for me. This album is definitely for those looking for mainly experimental sounds, bass throbbing, and near nonsensical lyrics (and, of course, for those diehard fans of The Flaming Lips). If that’s what you’re into, though, then give this album a try for sure.

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