Music Mondays 2

This week we have some ambient jazz, deeper-than-deep vocal-heavy dub house, and more. Music Mondays is presented by WMTS’s two music directors–Anthony Williams and Will Long.

“Groundswell” by Arve Henriksen from Towards Language (2017)

W: It’s about time Arve put some new stuff out (and on Rune Grammofon, no less)!!! I had the privilege of hanging out with Henriksen at Big Ears, and I can confirm this guy is literally the nicest guy in the universe (along with his bandmates in Supersilent). I honestly have no clue where this music comes from in terms of artistic inspiration, but Henriksen most definitely suffers from no shortage of inspiration. Taking cues from Markus Stockhausen, Jon Hassell (the great Memphis-born trumpeter who has a history of working with ECM Records and Eno), and the Shakuhachi flute, Arve forges yet another beautiful path through the jungle of ambient jazz. You have to hear this one.

“Map” by Punkt from Crime Scenes (2007)

W: I stumbled across this track the other day by pure chance while surfing the ever-awesome Discogs website. I started listening to it last Tuesday and was blown away by the gorgeous and sexy combination of deep, deep house and vocal jazz. The clicks and cuts immediately reminded me of Jan Jelinek‘s debut Loop-finding-jazz-records. Upon closer inspection, I found out that the album is a supergroup recording headed up by Norwegian jazz super-producers (yes, I know–TONS of Norway on my side of the list this week) Erik Honoré and Jan Bang; it was made as a “remix” album to celebrate another year of their famous Punkt Jazz Festival.

“HUMBLE.” by Kendrick Lamar (2017)

A: I’m not as overtly crazy about this as I usually am over Kendrick’s singles, but I’m still loving it! I know that Kendrick is an album artist, so even I don’t think this is one of his best singles; however, I’m sure it’ll fit snuggly into the concept of his upcoming album. It has enough references for hardcore rap fans to discuss for a while (shout out to Grey Poupon). The music is easily the best thing about this song release. On the video, though, those camera angles and effects are wild!

“Wish I Didn’t Miss You” by Angie Stone from Mahogany Stone (2001)

A: This has low-key been in my feels this week so my recent rediscovery of this song has been pretty appropriate. I don’t have to relate to the specific situation that Angie illustrates in this song to feel the emotional instability she projects. Who can’t relate to that? The beautiful driving bass line and clacking drum pattern under her vocals is just icing on the sadboy cake. Feel free to send comfort food to the radio station (Please!!! -Will).

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