Music Mondays 1

This week, we have some super eclectic and ridiculous tracks to present, all from your music directors (Will as “W” and Anthony as “A”) here at WMTS. We’ve got everything from Jazz to post-rock to incredible right-wing rap music.

“Blue Evening” by Anneli Drecker from Revelation for Personal Use (2017)

W: Here’s a great pop/post-rock song from Norwegian singer and Röyksopp collaborator Anneli Drecker. She put out a great album a couple years ago called Rocks & Straws that I also think is very much worth checking out.

“Throwing Lines” by Kelly Lee Owens from Kelly Lee Owens (2017)

W: This one is a very special song. It’s like a massive pop hit in a noir world. I definitely think this song could fit on a pop radio station easy if everyone were a bit more open minded. A future smash for sure.

“I Might Vote 4 Donald Trump” by JPEGMAFIA x Freaky from The 2nd Amendment – EP (2016)

A: This is definitely industrial rap, for sure. I like it because it goes hard as hell and makes me want to vote for Donald Trump.

“One Day” by Two Banks of Four from Three Street Worlds (2003)

A: This is a very beautiful arrangement with some really wonderful lyrics and vocals. It makes me feel empowered and uplifted. Valerie Etienne is the fantastic vocalist on the track for all those wondering who that angel singing is.

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