Heat’s ‘Overnight’ (Jan. 2017)

The most comparable thing to this album that comes to mind is driving with the top down in 1980’s Miami. Although a lovely thought, it doesn’t feel genuine or organic. Instead, it comes across as a glossy copy that attempts to thrive within this ever-increasing aesthetic-loving society and obsession with taking the older sound of past albums. Instead of lyrics that feel genuine and connect with the audience, Overnight throws in reused “party-like” metaphors that fail to capture the audience’s attention or feelings. Like the lyrics, the sound of each song blandly meshes together within the album, failing to achieve unique identities that resonate and build upon each other. Therefore, the connection between listener and songwriter is severed as each song drags out.

However, what might be overlooked by the casual listener are the elaborate lead guitar parts that sink into the background of the album. These solos display the tone that Heat is attempting to achieve, but because of the piercing vocals and the predictability of the songwriting as a whole they become less important to the listener. In fact, the guitar part is the glue that saves this project and allows it to become tolerable to the listener (and reviewer).

All-in-all, the album isn’t terrible but unoriginal and uneventful. It is a “safe” album for the current market, but is on the edge of remaining relevant. That said, I do not picture this project having a strong re-listening factor.

Rank: Aesthetic Elevator Music

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