Fox Grin’s ‘Dawn EP’ (Feb. 2017)

It goes without saying that you are never supposed to judge a book by its cover, but what about music albums? I picked up rock/pop duo Fox Grin’s latest release, “Dawn EP,” simply because I liked the cartoon deer on the cover; and I can honestly say that I’m glad I did. The band labels themselves as Art Rock/Dream Pop, and this is certainly an accurate description of the four songs on “Dawn.” The duo’s rock influences are obvious in the instrumentation; while lead singer Thom Chapman’s smooth vocals stray far away from usual rock vocalists, they lean more towards vocals of acoustic singer-songwriters. This rock instrumentation, paired with a comforting voice you would like to hear in a coffee shop, make for a surprisingly groovy combination.

The music is somewhat reminiscent of early 2000’s alternative rock, while simultaneously seeming very fresh and new. The songs are nostalgic, while also giving the listener the sense that good things are coming. While listening to it, I felt that every song on the EP could fit perfectly into thousands of movie soundtracks. Fox Grin accurately states that their sound “paints brilliantly colored landscapes,” which became apparent as the songs played. I could see scenes unfold in my mind as I listened to each individual song, especially with the opening track “Fall Into You.” The remaining songs take the listener on a journey through the rest of the story, and guides the imagination to see how it unfolds. Fox Grin is definitely a band to watch, and “Dawn” is certainly an EP to buy.

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